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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 28, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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from the top of the ramp. the ride on the san mateo bridge has been good all morning long. a little heavier since the bay bridge is backed up and was a early morning hot spots. on the golden gate bridge, an easy ride in has been for the better part of the morning. no delays as the head southbound coming across the span. a beautiful drive and the fog free. tracking east bay and the south bay traffic, continued delays. southbound 680 typically have the leading towards sunol. to 80 has not begun to back up at all. we want to apprise you of the closure of university avenue of the dumbarton bridge, still a potential hot spot. we have not seen any backups on to the dumbarton but that possibility exists. a fatal
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crash has university shut down. you'll have to use willow road instead. the rest of the peninsula commute looks good. the 92 interchange is clear and 280 looks good along the peninsula. >> a man dead after a shooting at an east oakland motorcycle club. jackie sissel is live at police headquarters with details. >> investigators and the detectives from the oakland police department are investigating a shooting that left one man dead. a well-known east bay motorcycle club, let's take a look at the video. this began around 9:45 p.m. when the oakland police to par received a call to the 8800 block of international. it is the east bay dragons motorcycle club. once there, they discovered that one victim had been shot in a back crotch area. one person was transported to highland hospital. he was pronounced
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dead at the hospital. a few details coming out about the shooting. we do not know much about the victim other than he was a member of the east bay dragons motorcycle club. the suspect information is almost none at this point. we are waiting for the oakland police department to put out a release and let us know more details. as soon as we get more information we will pass that along. >> police are investigating a second rape reported at st. mary's college in moraga. craig skalar is out at the scene this morning outside the college. have you seen any students this morning? >> most art teachers and staff of driving in at the moment. this latest assault came on sunday. a female soon of salted two weeks after another assault
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happens. this is a quiet, remote campus. this is not something they normally see in an area like this. the latest case involves a female student that was sexually assaulted by two male quinces on campus in a dorm room. officials are saying that one was a student the other was from off campus. two weeks earlier case did it was assaulted by an 18 year-old male student who is now under arrest. in both cases the victim knew the attacker. a lot to deal with. you have a 62 percent female body living on campus. 85 percent of the dorms are coed. there is a rally at 1:00 p.m. for people trying to deal with the situation. the women's alliance group is holding that.
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>> we are keeping our eyes on wall street. the dow jones is up 83 points to 11,002 -73. everyone expects the european union to get closer to deal to bail out grease. this comes on the heels of yesterday's 147 point gain for the doubt. >> new this morning there is a recall on beef. >> check the ground beef in your refrigerator or freezer. justine waldman has details. >> the problem is the beef could make you sick. it is the tyson brand. they are issuing a ground beef for recall. more than one of the 30,000 lbs. of the meat may have a call like. check the label. it will have a best before or freeze by date of september 12, 2011. it was sold under the kroger brand, butchers brand and a generic label. if you have a question about this, which posted a phone number on our
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facebook fan page. like us and you will see the phone number as well as other stories that would post. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. we have other recalls to tell you about including cantaloupe and kids' toys. a live look outside out of san francisco as we are watching a little bit of of trying to form over the hills. we are expecting a lot of sunshine today on this spare the air day with high temperatures expected bay area white.
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on the warm forecast. >> san francisco is right there at 64. we have not seen a lot of movement in that temperature. we have noticed a decline in temperatures elsewhere. 61 and concord. 56 in napa and santa rosa. now that the sun is up we will expect to see
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the numbers attract upwards. when they do they will max out in this range. 90s again out of the east bay valley. low-mid-90s. '80s throughout most of the rest of the bay. along the peninsula and through san francisco we expect temperatures to be worn. 60's-low 70's. we will slowly see each day's highs drop a degree or two. on saturday is when the big drop is expected to happen. that is thanks to this systems tracking its way in this direction. when does a rival, will notice that temperatures will drop and it may very well get a little wet around the bay. a chance of showers and a mix for saturday and sunday. sunday might be confined to
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the north bay for the showers. that is sure whether. let's get a check on traffic. fuhr >> the bay bridge was an early hot spots. it the back up to the berkeley curve beyond west grand ave. 17-20 minutes is the drive time depended on a few are coming from a 80, 580 or interstate 80. your ride on the san mateo bridge has been a problem free all morning long. the volume is up but the drive times are only 15 minutes from the back up through foster city blvd.. the golden gate bridge ride is a problem free. we are starting to pick up some slowing in marin. 1st in east a check. the ride is heavy from pittsburgh through willow pass. we're picking up slowing through willow hill, 680 southbound
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. a little slow on your ride into castro valley, but no surprises. your commute in marin county is starting to slow. the drive times are only 30 to have her daughter to the golden gate bridge. the heaviest traffic past 37 and ignacio. we'll update your ride on the south bay freeway is coming up in our next report. >> it is 7:17 a.m.. we have new details. concord snuffing out smoking in the downtown area. some people are against it. the council approved the ordinance that does away with a smoking in downtown areas and businesses. here, we thinhear
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from some who think it is a violation of rights. >> in this restaurant we have been asked by patrons to close our doors because of bleeding the doors open brings in a cigarette smoke. that hurts me financially. >> i am just wondering how far it is going to go. >> please have enough on their plates to deal with other than my customers outside having a smoke. they have to go outside to smoke because they cannot inside. i am fine with that. >> property owners can request to be exempt from the band is the area they want to allow smoking is fenced off and not accessible to the general public. >> here is a scene in oakland. over 400 parents, teachers and students are rallying to fight a proposal that will close five elementary schools. there is a list of schools. another round of deep budget cuts.
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because of declining enrollment many schools do not have to stay open. closing the schools is not sitting well with parents and students. >> to close her school after she has formed relationships is a detrimental to her growth as a person. you do not do that to a child that young. >> is a good place. i do not want the school to close down. >> if they close leafy it is like closing my heart. >> the decision on closing the schools is not expected until late october. >> a story we are falling on facebook, we have already received 25 likes. if you are in san francisco right now, free gas at 3550 missions street. the free gas is in effect for the next hour and a half. it officially ends at 8:30 a.m.. it is a part of the protect and save program with shell. >> 7:20 a.m., we're back
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with more news, weather and traffic in a couple of minutes and the latest breaking news you need to know about and the weather. today is a hot day, spare the air day. sunshine and very few clouds. we will be right back.
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>> president obama is taking his case to hispanic voters saying that his jobs plan will benefit latino workers and businesses. the president will answer questions during an internet round table. a strong majority of hispanic supported obamas and the 2008 election but his support has declined as a hand with the broader population. >> new this morning, china's defense ministry is expressing displeasure with the nearly $6 billion u.s. arms package for taiwan.
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other military exchanges are now likely considered. china uses exchanges as a bargaining chip, frustrating u.s. officials who say they are important in building confidence. china feels taiwan is its territory. >> a top official in libya says muammar gaddafi is hiding somewhere in the southern desert possibly near the algerian border. officials say gaddafi is under the protection of the ethnic toward group. revolutionary forces have controlled much of libya but gaddafi's whereabouts remained unclear. >> today is the second day in the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. the trial began with powerful opening statements and testimony from the eye contour producer. >> michael jackson's doctor breaking down in tears. the prosecution wasted no time blaming dr. conrad murray for the pop star's death.
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they played a recording of jackson's slurred voice on murray's phone. listen closely. jackson is talking about what he wanted people to think when leaving a michael jackson concert. [slurred speexh] >> prosecutors say that tape shows that laurie knew about michael jackson's problems. >> michael jackson trusted his life and medical skills to conrad marie. >> the defense blamed the pop icon himself. >> michael jackson's self administered at a dose of propofol that with lorazepam created a perfect storm in his body that killed him instantly. >> jurors also heard from kenny ortega, the producer of jackson's this is it
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concert tour. he sent jackson home from a rehearsal less than a week before he died. ortega said dr. murray was not happy about that. >> he said i should stop trying to be an amateur doctor and a psychologist and be the director in the week michaels felt to him. >> if convicted murderer to get up to four years in prison and loses medical license. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. here is a live look outside. sunshine over san francisco. look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪ ♪ when she comes. ♪ it'll be spinning new chrome wheels when it comes. ♪ ♪ when it comes. ♪ custom spoiler, race grade pistons, ♪ ♪ gt35 turbo charger.
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>> another check on bay area weather and traffic. maybe some rain this weekend. james fletcher has details. >> a live look at the james lick freeway. sunshine in the city and temperatures just a hair warmer than yesterday. if yesterday was
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great, today is much of the same. tomorrow, we begin to cool things down. the big cool down and potential for rain. for now, a quick check on temperatures. we are expecting to see the warm-up begin this morning. not a lot of warmth just yet. in the next hour or two we will see the numbers began to move and eventually settled at these levels here. low- eighties. really pleasant.
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in the east bay valley is, that is where it is top once again. it is the sunshine and, wind that is conspiring to give us a spare the air day. 91 is what we're looking for in santa rosa. 90 in napa. again, the wind that we may feel will primarily be coming from the northern direction. we will be looking for that throughout the day. as we had to the weekend we get more of an onshore breeze. there is a possibility of a sprinkle or to coming in this weekend. hop that is a general idea of what we're looking at for weather.
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>> a big back up on the bay bridge toll plaza. the westbound ride to the macarthur maze, a 20 minute drive time out of the macarthur maze heading across the upper deck and into san francisco. an early morning accident kicked off the metering lights a half an hour ahead of schedule. the san mateo bridge ride is fairly heavy, no big or unusual backups on the approach. a 15 minute drive time out of hayward of foster city blvd.. the golden gate bridge is a problem free across the span and perhaps lighter than usual for marin county. 32- 35 minute drive time from nevada to the golden gate bridge. a beautiful morning there. we have been tracking
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and accident at university avenue as a potential hot spot because of how it might affect the ride on the dumbarton bridge. so far this morning that has not been the problem. here is a live look from the scene of a motorcycle accident. that is the reason for those street closures. yoli eceves is on scene. >> the location is university and bey. a two block radius from this intersection. you will want to avoid the intersection because it is definitely closed off. it will be closed off for a couple of hours. the fatality is a result of a police pursuit. there is an suv over here, this as you be when down the opposite direction on university street and then it collided with this
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motorcycle. the person on a motorcycle did die. the two passengers in the suv are being detained and questioned. they are still out here and doing measurements. >> here again is the location, university avenue at base street. we are still watching the road sensors for the ride off the dumbarton bridge. people are using low as the alternate. >> another developing story, a man is dead after a shooting in east oakland. jackie sissel is live at police headquarters with the details. >> i am here at the oakland police headquarters. an
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overnight shooting left one man dead. this all started around 9:45 p.m. when the police to receive a phone call of us shots fired in the 8800 block of international. when they got there, they discovered one victim and a backer rod area at the club of the east bay dragons. it is a motorcycle club that is well known. the victim had been shot at least once. in highland hospital he was pronounced dead. a few details are coming out about the shooting right now. as soon as we get some information we will pass along. >> 7:35 a.m., more than 100 people or at the vigil last night for a bay area nursing
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student michelle le. the university president has offered a $25,000 endowment in michelle's name. a surety sister of michelle le is describing her as respectful and ambitious. >> she was super polite, she always said please and thank you. she was always respectful. regardless of if someone was older or younger. [crying] michelle le >> is the kind of person that stood up for what she believed in. she was strong and used her voice to be heard. >> the body of michelle was found on some timber seventeenth in the arsenal. a former friend of hers from high school, giselle esteban has been charged with her murder. >> keeping our eyes on wall street, a rise in the dow
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jones, up 27 points to september >> we are back with more in a couple of minutes. 10 minutes away from talking baseball on this last day of the season. gary radnich is coming up and we have an eye on whether and traffic.
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>> here is a quick idea of what it will be like around the bay today. sunshine in the background. some east bay locations, livermore, low 90s, oakland, low 80s,
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hayward closer to the mid '80s, walnut creek, low 90s, san ramon and antioch, right around 93 and 94 degrees. a full look at whether round the bay and the week ahead coming up in a little bit. >> good news for job seekers, best buy is hiring for the holidays but only half as many workers as last year. last year they hire 29,000 workers. this year, there are only taking 15,000 holiday employees, but there will be opportunities for overtime and four full-time workers. the company says that workers have asked for opportunities for overtime. groupon has come up with another way for bargain hunters to save money. they are preparing to raise money from wary investors. the additional savings will be offered three customer loyalty program that groupon is going to unveil today. merchants who joined the service said a spending target for customers to reach before they qualify for an even steeper
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discount. >> traffic is a little better in the bay area, that is the sign of a bad economy. according to the urban mobility report, the san francisco metropolitan area is now the seventh most congested in the u.s.. many people say that unemployment is at the reason because of your people are driving to work. washington d.c. has the worst traffic in the nation. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. we want to take a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. we are all excited to talk baseball with gary radnich japan who is livid over how they look in the money ball. we will be right back.
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>> the great gary radnich. good morning.
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>> good morning. i >> baseball. we are talking baseball today since it is the last day of the regular season although tomorrow could be, depending. >> the american league and national league, the wild card. this is crazy. >> the biggest headline in his, the biggest monumental collapse is of the red sox. >> especially in that area where people live and die with their team, there are going to be a lot of sad people. >> you have red sox fans that will be cheering for the yankees. >> yes! you always wonder about that. and then you look at
7:46 am
tampa, they do not have a lot of money. there are all kinds of trauma and all of these games. >> that poor little guy, the average salary in tampa is probably about 3 million. >> remember, i promise you on monday that i would see the movie money ball. >> what do you think? >> now that we are all caught up, remember, i am learning everything from movies. what surprised me was what i learned about the way they do trades and the pressure that is on the players. >> and you remember that philip seymour hoffman character? a bamut yes. i am
7:47 am
looking at this and saying, i guess the general manager can tell certain things, but he does not want to tell the coach everything to do. >> he called in the radio show yesterday and making the rounds. he basically said that he was disappointed. he knows that billy dean did not write the movie but he was portrayed as a buffoon. he is a well put together, dignified guy. what you think he is still or not is your own interpretation. philip seymour hoffman was a big guy you could roll right over. >> did you think he looked like a buffoon in the movie? am i yes. >> if you did? that might you know who i am talking about, right? then i guess.
7:48 am
>> what about billy's been. was he really like brad pitt was? >> i know him real well. i think they put an end to everyone. but i know it is a movie but billy came off looking like a wizard that no one made a move without him but that is not the way it was. >> another thing i learned was, i heard the voice of vern glenn. they played a lot of sports radio and clips. i heard it at least once, maybe twice. >> was it near the end? >> it was not. it was in the middle.
7:49 am
>> the late bill king was in there as well. they were calling oakland a's games into the oven to. >> what surprised me was the level to which is that kind of talk influences, it is true, listening to the talk show guys and what they say about them. the billy bean character, he is pretty confident. he is a great prospect. a great trade prospects. maybe there is a little bit of that, when he got to the major leagues, it did not come for him. he had stopped telling him, did not go to college. according to him he wishes he would have gone to college. >> i was on the edge of my seat. i do not follow
7:50 am
sports. i have no sports history, i did not fall sports until i met you. everyone else near the ending and i kept thinking, i cannot wait to see what happens with mbas.--with the a's. >> we go friday night to the 9:15 p.m. movie. it was one hour 20 minutes. >> 2 hours 10 minutes. >> at 11:15 p.m. i had to walk back across the street to do the sports on kron. i was walking out and a couple of guys that i met in the lobby waiting to go and said, it is not over yet. the other guy says, he is not staying till the end, he must hated. >> everyone near the end. >> my wife said, this story
7:51 am
does not knocked my socks off but she said, i can look at brad pitt for a couple of hours. >> i think he did a beautiful job. as a non sports fan, i enjoyed learning. i learned a lot. >> is a movie is going to make big money and have broad appeal(...) the first week brad pitt and the promotion sells it. it is good on word of mouth you have a pretty good second week. we will see. my guess is everyone wanted to see it and they sought in the first week. >> maybe. i was off yesterday. i was golfing in the tournament. you miss it! i was there. yesterday i ran 7 mi., i'd jump in the car
7:52 am
and went to that movie. >> who else appeared from kron? >> the famous mark danon. a lot of salespeople were there. >> where was that? >> our news director was there. >> it was held at sonoma country club. lastly, i want to show the giants highlights. tomorrow we should talk about what
7:53 am
next. >> i will see tomorrow. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back to the, and is, here are one of the top stories we're following, a shooting at an oakland a motorcycle club leagues one man dead, the man a member of the east bay dragons motorcycle club. another
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sexual assault at st. mary's college in moraga. a female student said she was attacked by two men that she knew in a dorm room on sunday. it is a spare the air day. we are expecting hot temperatures around the bay and hot wind. levels of ozone expected to build into out the day. more on the top stories coming up as the kron 4 morning news continues. >> in the buzz this morning, rhianna is in hot water, causing controversy after a video shoot in north ireland. farmers told her to cover up and to find god. rapper peety pablo was sentenced to three years in prison on a gun conviction. check out this picture of jason alexander from seinfeld saying he underwent a procedure to combat baldness. he is now sporting a full head of care. the kron 4 morning news will be right back, stay with us.
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>> this is the kron 4 news at 8:00 a.m.. >> one man dead this morning
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after a shooting in east oakland last night. this happened at a motorcycle club. jackie sissel is live at oakland police headquarters to explain. >> we are starting to get new details in this shooting that left one man dead last night at that used a motorcycle club, club house. here is video from last night. about 9:45 p.m. police say that a member of the east bay dragons motorcycle club was inside the clubhouse watching television when someone entered through an open door and opened fire on him. he was struck multiple times. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead at the scene. the east bay dragons is a well-known lawyers have a club in the neighborhood.
8:01 am
they're looking for clues as to who committed the crime. right now we do not have any suspect information. as we get some new information comes out will pass that along. f a 40 year-old man was shot and killed. as soon as we get more information we will pass along. >> we want to take a good look at the weather and traffic going into this wednesday morning. it is going to be hot. >> absolutely. here is a look for mt. tam. i want to talk about what we are expecting otherwise. this morning, mostly clear. it is warmer. that is key for us. we're starting off warmer than we did yesterday. temperatures will be a touch or as well. a spare the air day in effect. we have barely any wind. 80-90 will be the range for the bay and inland spots. this evening we will keep things clear
8:02 am
and cool temperatures back into the 60s. here is where we are right now. here are your current temperatures. if slowly but surely we begin to seek early morning warmth. in the red we have indicated where we're expecting 90 degree weather. a solid amount of 80's throughout the day. no matter where you are, a comfortable afternoon with clear skies and warm temperatures, even in san francisco where we are anticipating upper seventies. all of that changes come this weekend. we have a system slowly making its way into the
8:03 am
pacific northwest. come saturday, that is where we will see temperatures cooled down. the 7 day forecast, we go from the mid-90s tupper '70s by friday. slyke sprinkles for the weekend. it looks like more so on sunday and saturday. bay area wide we might see some sprinkles and light rain on monday and tuesday.. let's go over to the traffic department. >> traffic continues to develop and grow. we have watched the 880 approach continue to back up. we are not slow around the berkeley
8:04 am
career but we are looking at a 20 minute drive time. the san mateo bridge ride, an accident at mid span. even though it was reported on the shoulder and it just occurred, you can see that it is really slowing the ride in the westbound direction. this could be turning into a hot spot. a lot of people were using it as an alternate to the bay bridge. it looks as though things were starting to grind to a halt coming out of the toll plaza and heading westward. we will try to get more details on whether or not the crash is still blocking lanes. at last check it was near mid span and in the right-hand shoulder. for your golden gate bridge ride, light and easy traffic, getting heavier from the commute through marin county but still not a hot spot between 37 and central san rafael. a check on the ride as we get in the traffic maps. 80 still doing pretty
8:05 am
well for the east shore freeway as is 580, 680 into the san ramon valley. westbound 580 remains heavy out of the altemont into livermore. stop the traffic still doing pretty well. a few pockets of slow and go. no hot spots, that is good news. we have been tracking a potential hot spot that has not turned into a big problem yet even the university avenue is closed just off the dumbarton bridge. the bay from the expressway, most people are using willow road as an alternate route to get to 101. now, let's check in the newsroom with the latest from justine waldman. >> this is the second day in the trial of the doctor of michael jackson. it is just getting underway in las angeles. prosecutors in this involuntary manslaughter trial are trying to move their case towards the events that led to the death of the pop star. testimony
8:06 am
will continue today with a bodyguard and personal assistant. dr. conrad murray is accused of giving tax and a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic although his attorneys are saying jackson gave the drug propofol to himself. we will let you know when the trial starts and get you some live pictures from inside the courtroom. >> a little insight in the trial, our legal analyst michael korda's up. good morning. good morning. the family was upset that the doctor was charged with involuntary manslaughter and not murder. >> keep in mind, murder, you have to intended to kill someone and certainly, dr. murray did not intend to kill michael jackson. that is why it is in a voluntary manslaughter. it could have been a second degree murder, where you can be charged with willful disregard for human life, but apparently the district attorney did not feel that was a case.
8:07 am
>> what do you think, after watching the trial so far and the setup of both sides, what is the believability of each side's argument? >> i think the district attorney, if you were to say anyone is a head, it would be the district attorney. they waited out a case where when the emergency technicians came in and they ask dr. murray what michael jackson and just it, he left out propofol. when they went to the emergency room, the doctors in the er asked him, what did you give him and again he left out propofol. that is not good. >> what kind of jail time to start the murray facing if he is convicted?
8:08 am
>> if he is convicted he is facing four years. i will tell you, there are a lot of people who say he will not do jail time, but with this judge, i have spoken with many attorneys who have been in front of him, if he is convicted, he can plan on spending some time in state prison. the other thing i find interesting, security yesterday in the courtroom, as in a security is very high, one of jackson's walked into the courtroom, not the courtroom, but down the hall, they were with their own security and a woman came charging up to them and caused quite a stir. i think you can look for security getting even tighter. michael, thanks a lot. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news
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>> , tracking a new hot spot on the kron 4 morning news. the san mateo bridge. here it is westbound. traffic at a standstill an injury accident blocking the left-hand lane as well as the shoulder. the drive time would normally be about 15 minutes but now it is up to 25 minutes in the westbound direction. the dumbarton bridge not a great alternate
8:12 am
route because it has its own problems. i will tell you about that coming up.
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>> welcome back, wall street erasing earlier gains. a smaller drop than expected coming out for august orders as we take a look at factory orders, they fell less than expected. the dow was up over 60, down 20 and now back up, up 18 to 11,209. >> another developing story,
8:15 am
police are investigating a second grade that has been reported at st. mary's college in moraga. we are outside the gates of the school taking a look at the reaction to the two attacks that have happened in the past two weeks. craig skalar, our a solo reporter is out there with the latest. >> students are coming in full force, class's began at 8:00 a.m.. this rate was the second rape in two weeks. the other on september 13th. in each case the students knew their assailants. this is a very remote campus. perhaps far away from urban areas. it becomes a shock when something like this happens.. >> this is an incident
8:16 am
between people who knew one another. we believe that the best thing we can do is raise awareness. we have a 24-hour sexual assaults hot line. report abuse as soon as the incident occurs. >> there will be a rally at 1:00 p.m. today to pull people together. and a lot of people who live on campus here. it is almost like a small community. it really struck people. police are still investigating. democrat, in the light of these cases, are they at all looking at co-ed dorms and
8:17 am
the status of dorm security? are those issues that are looking at? >> asked about security, they said they have a strong situation with security and will not change that. they said co-ed dorms have happened for a long time without problem. they believe this is a personal responsibility, basic people need to be more aware of there's a tuition in terms of trust and being able to handle themselves. let people know when there is a problem. easier said than done. >> we are tracking a hot spot. there are no good alternates. 1st take a closer look. traffic is at a standstill. this will stretch for a few miles. the
8:18 am
ambulance has been cancelled. there are other emergency vehicles trying to get to the scene, you can see how long this will take to clear. how they will get there is the question. backed up on all land on the approach. normally a 50 minute drive, it is now 26 minutes but could actually be longer because censors have just updated. the reason i mention this is because the ride to the bay bridge is not a very good one either this morning. it is backed up to the macarthur maze and even the 80 approach is slow. it is not a great auction. a 22 minute drive time coming out of the macarthur maze. 880 is better. 14 there 16 minutes but still not a good alternate. the dumbarton bridge has had its own share of problems. your ride on
8:19 am
the golden gate bridge is good. no problems nor is derived from marin county. pretty good conditions for the commute heading down from central san rafael. and ease to be checked as we head back to the traffic maps, a pretty slow for 680 into the san ramon valley. the westbound 580 ride only slightly better out of the altemont but heavy through livermore. 68880 will be heavy for your ride down towards milpitas. let's get
8:20 am
a check on weather with james. >> we are beginning to see some warming. let me show you where it is happening. antioch at 65. 65 in hayward, 66 in mountain view. the east bay and south bay solidly in the '60s. we're looking for the rest of the bay area to follow suit. we are anticipating another warm-hot day depending on where you are. in the south bay, you're hot spots will be los gatos and morgan hill. some around the immediate bay, low-eighties. 84 is what we are expecting for redwood city. here are
8:21 am
your expected highs for today. here is the look at your 7 day forecast. saturday and sunday cooler weather and the possibility of a sprinkle or two. the greatest chance of rain bay area wide will be at the beginning of next week. parents, teachers and students rallied to fight the proposal to close five elementary schools. officials say there are budget cuts and they didn' decrease in enrollment. >> to close our school after
8:22 am
she has formed relationships with teachers and friends is detrimental to her growth as a person. you do not do that to a child that young. >> this is a good place. >> i do not want this will close down. if they close lake view it is like closing my heart. >> a final decision on the fate of these schools is not expected until late october. >> new details this morning on the concord and what they are doing to stop smoking. for the downtown area, the city council approved an ordinance that prohibits smoking in all downtown public areas. several businesses and organizations capable of but some feel is a violation of personal rights and would hurt business. businesses and property owners can request to be exempt from the ban as long as the area that they allow smoking is fenced off and not easily accessible to the public at large. >> that is right, we are getting a lot of responses on our facebook fan page.
8:23 am
take a look at some of the comments coming in. if you would like to leave a comments, like us on facebook. kron 4 morning news will take a quick break and be right back.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> and welcome back to kron 4 morning news. hot spot on the san mateo bridge which is backed up to the toll plaza. an accident near mid span has traffic jams from 26-28 minutes. the san francisco oakland bay bridge is not a good alternative, nor is the dunbarton and because of problems at the
8:27 am
west end. that may be clearing up, a complete traffic update coming up. >> wall street turning-a short time ago, barely positive. an early surge after factory orders were not as bad as expected. hands from the german chancellor that the bailout for greece may need to be renegotiated. the dow is now up 14 to 11,204.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> we are concerned about traffic backing across the dumbarton. not a great alternate for the san mateo bridge which is a hot spot. then they bridge is not a good alternate. it is backed up to the macarthur maze. the 880 approach is the best. if you are coming from edie, that could save you a little time. ithe golden gate
8:31 am
bridge looks pretty did. the volume is heavy but there are no delays to traffic. for the drive time in marin is around 39 minutes from highway 37-down to the toll plaza. >> falling a developing story, a shooting in east oakland had a motorcycle club. one man is dead. jackie sissel is live at oakland police headquarters with details. >> of the morning. we're getting details about the shooting lasted from detectives and investigators. if the shooting left one man dead. according to police, around 9:45 p.m., a member of the east bay dragons motorcycle club was inside the clubhouse watching television. this man was 40 years old. his name is.
8:32 am
someone opened fire striking him several times. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead at the scene. according to police, he was a member of this east bay dragons motorcycle club. it is well known in the oakland area. other than that, not a lot of information. they said there were people inside the clubhouse when the shooting took place but when they got there no one was around. they're looking for help to get new leads. if we get any more information we will pass it along. >> more than 100 people attended a vigil last night for the murder bay area nursing student michelle le. her family and friends gathered at the school where she attended nursing school. the president announced a $25,000 endowment in le's name to help students pay bills while they are
8:33 am
attending college. a soroirity sister spoke about her. >> she was polite, she always said please and thank you. she was always respectful to all of her sisters whether they were older or younger. everyone was equal. michelle was the kind of person who stood up for what she believed in. she was strong and she always used her voice to [crying] be heard] >> the body of michelle was founded september 17th near sunol. former friend from high school, giselle esteban, has been charged with the murder. >> all eyes on bay area weather, a warm-up and spare the air day. >> good morning. another view from mt. tam looking back over the bay. a spare the air day in effect. we are looking for hot tempers and land. that is what is contributing to the spare the air day. mostly clear, a
8:34 am
little bit warmer than yesterday. we will continue the trend well into the afternoon. inland highs in a low-mid-90s. we are looking at a clear and cool evening. to the east and south is where we see the first bits of heat reflected in temperatures. we can expect solid eighties around the bay. a degree weather and a slightly cooler at the coast. in the east we have 90 degree weather. that includes the san ramon valley towards livermore and along highway 4 towards antioch and brentwood. low- mid-90s there. from now
8:35 am
until the weekend we gradually cooled things down. here is another look at highs for this afternoon. as we head into the weekend we will see things cool down dramatically especially inland. 70's on saturday, '80s on sunday. in terms of the rain we are anticipating, there is a slight chance of the weekend. monday it looks to be our best chance at bay area wide sprinkles. >> here is a first look at the new kindle fire. >> downloads music and television shows. 17 million songs. we have the android perhaps store, millions of
8:36 am
books. >> that was the amazon c e zero showing off the new tablets. it is called the kindle fire. it costs $199. it is a platform for games, movies, music and other applications. it is half the size of an ipad and a little bit less money as well. is it is a close match to the barnes and noble notes. you can get your hands on a fire for the holidays there are three black and white candle models.
8:37 am
>> we will be right back. if of them a san mateo
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
bridge is a major hot spot. 92 as a parking lot from hesperian boulevard leading out to the toll plaza and to mid span. they just read opens the lanes at mid span where traffic had been blocked. the left lane was blocked, the left shoulder as well. we will start to see traffic begin to move. 36 minutes is the drive time for this and to bridge. because of earlier occurring problems at the dumbarton and a bridge, neither makes a good alternate. here is just seen in the newsroom. >> live pictures into the newsroom as they are starting to work again on the washington monument. you can check out this guy 550
8:41 am
ft. in the near checking for cracks and chips that happened after the earthquake in august. this is the second tday work. we are monitoring the situation. the monument has been closed ever since the earthquake in august. hopefully once they get it fixed it will open back up to the public. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a programming reminder for next weekend, we have the blue angels live on kron 4. a fleetweek special saturday, october 8th. of pack
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> if we are tracking a major hot spot this morning. all of the bridges from the
8:45 am
east bay to the peninsula in san francisco are problems this morning. this is a serious top spot. an accident at mid span that just cleared. it was out there for nearly an hour before it managed to get clear. emergency vehicles blocked the left-hand lane. traffic is starting to move but it is backed up all the way to hesperian boulevard. do not be surprised if it still takes you 35 minutes to get from hayward to foster city on the san mateo bridge westbound although we will see these drive * improve, we are likely to see from time to time although all lanes are open, the traffic coming to a standstill at the westbound toll plaza. at the bay bridge, an early morning accident that backed it up. it is still right to the macarthur maze. a 80 is your best approach to the bridge. from the maze is a 20-22 minute drive. that is not much of a good alternate. the dumbarton has had its
8:46 am
own problems as an alternate with slow traffic from the west end of this band leading towards university avenue and the bayfront expressway. university avenue has been shut down because of a fatal motorcycle accident. that has put extra pressure on willow road and the bayfront expressway to 101. that is why traffic is slow from the west end of the dumbarton. we have been calling this a potential hot spots 55 a.m.. it looks like it is finally getting there. at the golden gate bridge the ride is been a much better. self down 101 there are no delays across the span. fog free. time for a check on weather. it looks nice. here is james fletcher. >> the golden gate bridge looks beautiful. beautiful
8:47 am
temperatures. look at antioch, '69, '70 in the delta, 63 in concord, 65 for hayward and fremont. warmer in mountain view. mid-60's in san francisco and some parts of the north bay. that he is starting. it will warm us up this afternoon. we will get into the low 90s once again in the south it near los gatos and of morgan hill. you'll be warmer today and yesterday. in the east expects inland temperatures to get in the low-mid-90s this afternoon. and depending on where you are mid-upper 80s. you could also see low 90s. san
8:48 am
francisco will enjoy a sunny and warm day. changes in store for the weekend. look at saturday and sunday. there is a system coming through that will drop temperatures and bring the chance of sprinkles. class if sunday is probably the day we will see sprinkles. it looks like the models are showing that monday, tuesday and wednesday, these area wide between. we have some instability on the horizon. we will walk you through it each day. let's go to the newsroom for the latest. >> live pictures into the newsroom of the president as he is hosting and internet round table. he is making his case to hispanic voters. he is saying that his jobs plan will benefit latino
8:49 am
workers and businesses and insuring the community that he is committed to the overhaul of immigration. this internet round table is streaming live from the white house web site. questions have been posted by yah hoo, msn latino and cnn latino. >> and other national news, the new jersey governor has reaffirmed to supporters that he is not running for last night he made a joke. >> stop asking me to be a leader of the pre-world. [laughter] >> it is such a burden. if you could please just stop. [laughter]
8:50 am
>> what kind of crazy ego maniac would you have to be ? it is extraordinarily flattering, at the same token, that heartfelt message that you gave me is also not a reason for me to do it. the reason has to reside inside me. >> the republican governor did get serious during his speech as well as saying the nation's credibility abroad was being damaged by troubles at home. he accused president obama of dividing the country to win >> @ the 49ers are showing a model of a new stadium. bay
8:51 am
area sports, the san francisco giants are trying to end iraq's season on a high note. check out this hit, all the way to the 421 signed. here he comes around third. he tripped on third base. and then, the play at the plate, the catcher loses the ball. and inside the park home run in the seventh inning. baumgartner got his thirteenth win of the season. the start of the season 0-6. he retired 18 of the final 19 batters he faced and did not want anyone for the second straight game that he pitched. cahill now has 40
8:52 am
wins. and oakland's that is the second most. >> this is the last day of the regular season for baseball. wild card mania. 8:52 a.m.. we're back with more and a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the james lick. plenty of sunshine. we will be right back. fuhr ahead
8:53 am
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8:56 am
>> it is the first spare the air day this week as high temperatures are shooting up around the bay area. we are expected highs in the '90s in many spots. we also have some rain coming up. more on these top stories as the kron 4 morning news continues. >> we are following some headlines. in a new study released by the american sociological review, suggest that teens with a new boyfriend or girlfriend are more likely to be convinced to drink alcohol. this is allegedly because we need new people and their introduced to new social
8:57 am
networks. it says that teenagers are more influenced by their new partners friends than the part of themselves. i posted a link to the steady on my face big fan page. >> 8:57 a.m., more head next hour. here is a live look from the roof camera. it will bid a breeze on the day the temperatures are expected to shoot up into the '90s. from the east bay
8:58 am
8:59 am
to the west bank, all of the bridges are hot spots. let's start with the san mateo bridge. westbound an accident cleared near mid span and is still creating backups from the toll plaza. it is still jammed up from hesperian boulevard. drive times are 40-45 minutes out of paper over to foster city. this traffic will persist for a while. there are no good alternate routes to the san mateo bridge. the
9:00 am
bay bridge started out as a hot spot. it is still backed up to macarthur maze on 580. 88 which is the best approach is not backed up across the toll plaza but it is backed up to the top of the ramp. it is a 16 minute drive. the macarthur maze is 20-22 minutes and that the shore freeway is 18-20. traffic along the east shore freeway is also backed up. the dumbarton is not a good alternate as predicted. it has finally become a hot spot this morning. we were worried about this happening. it took a while to occur..
9:01 am
>> we have changes as we head towards the weekend including a chance of rain for next week. we will start you off with current temperatures. 65 and san francisco. upper fifties for santa rosa. we are starting to warm into the low 70's. antioch, 71 and of the livermore valley, low sixties for the south bay. by noon we will warm up into the '90s. that is where the warm locations will be. we
9:02 am
will stay in the '80s, but the low 80s. along the coast will warm into the upper 60s. in downtown san francisco will warm to about 78. low 90s for santa rosa. here is your 7 day around the bay. we will cool down by friday. a cooling trend continues. by saturday, more clouds and a slight chance of showers. a chance of showers increasing as we head into the beginning of next work week. breezy as well. >> live pictures into the newsroom right now as testimony has resumed in the trial of michael jackson's doctor they see on the stand right now. in these pictures is a concert promoter who is telling that the pop star appeared to be
9:03 am
strong. >> i did not read the final contract. i do not know what it said. >> how long were the this is it shows? how long were they going to last? >> burress scheduled for early march but there were plans to continue. >> have you had occasion to see this completed contract between aeg and conrad murray? >> i have not seen it. >> your company today by your lawyer? >> that is correct. >> move to strike. >> that last answer is to be disregarded.
9:04 am
>> are you being sued? >> objection. relevance. >> sustained. memo with counsel like to approach? >> please. mahmood they are taking a break in the trial of dr. conrad murray. it is day two of the testimony. that was the concert promoter, an executive for a e.g. live. he was promoting jackson's planned a series of comebacks back in 2009. he was saying that the singer seemed fine before the performances. he appeared energetic and engaged. he was questioned yesterday by prosecutors. he faces up to four years
9:05 am
in prison and a losing his medical license if convicted. >> another story we're following, a man is dead in east oakland after a shooting at a motorcycle club. jackie sissel is live with the details. >> . we are starting to get new details on what happens last night that left a member of the well-known east bay motorcycle club dead inside the clubhouse. according to police of around 9:45 p.m., 40 year- old a sauna society, a member of the east bay dragons motorcycle club was inside the clubhouse watching television when a suspect entered through an open door and opened
9:06 am
we do not have any suspect information, as soon as we get some, we will pass that along. >> another developing story we are following this morning, police are investigating a second reported rape at st. mary's college in moraga. this assault happened two weeks after a previous attack. two attacks in two weeks. craig skalar has been talking to administration and the students about what has been going on. >> they are still trying to process what happens. a young woman was assaulted on sunday by two young men in a college dorm room. one of them a student, the other from off campus. this happened two weeks after an assault on center thirteenth where in 18 year-old student assault with a young woman. that is lightening striking twice on this college campus known for its
9:07 am
pastoral setting, far away from urban areas. students say in spite of that happening there will be rally today. they say it is not the end all. they will get through this. >> you are coming into a new situation and meeting new people but there is responsibility. it a separate place to meet people. it is unfortunate that meeting the people to see to this. >> today in front of our library, people are going to come out and rally against these actions. we are wearing pink and try to support those that have an assault on our campus, around the committee and around the world. >> the rally is at 1:00 p.m. in front of the library on campus. police and administration tell me they have not arrested suspects in this latest case. the 18 year-old from that september 13th also has been arrested. >> 908 a m, we are back with
9:08 am
more than a couple of minutes. if her
9:09 am
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9:14 am
9:15 am
>> we are still tracking the commute from the east bay to the west bay as a hot spot. it starts at the san mateo bridge but believe me, it affects the dumbarton and bay bridges as well. you're looking at what appears to be some moving traffic but it is somewhat deceptive. the san mateo bridge is still a hot spot and the drive time not a word is still 40 minutes into foster city although we will see those * start to improve. there is still a backup on 92 getting to the san mateo bridge the dumbarton bridge was a hot spot as well. we still have slowed traffic
9:16 am
west across the span to 101. there was a fatal accident that occurred on university avenue hand and a road. that shutdown university avenue for about four hours. no traffic was getting by there. it started backing up from willow and the bayfront expressway. at one time it was backed up all the way across the span. the bay bridge is still jammed although we finally see some improvement. the meter lights were activated and the 5:00 a.m. hour. we had an accident blocking lanes at the base of the incline. the cemetery ridge might not be a bad alternate. the golden gate bridge has been a problem free all morning
9:17 am
log and the fog free. a beautiful drive coming from marin county. the drive times have been a problem free. the drive times running 39-41 minutes from 37 to the 12 plaza. >> gorgeous clear spots from all of the cameras this morning. a lot of sunshine in oakland, upper 70's and low 80s. cooler in the '50s. we're working our way into the '70s in napa valley and antioch. 66 in mountain view, 63 in san jose. 80's for the most part in the south bay. in terms of this
9:18 am
weekend things will change and a little bit. monday we are expecting widespread chance of showers, the same for tuesday as well. by friday it will be cooler and a slight chance of showers again. >> facebook is forming a political action committee to back candidates. they have hired president
9:19 am
clinton's former chief of staff and press secretary. the social networking giant has also increased the number of lobbyists on capitol hill as congress starts to pay more attention to tech companies. >> they are playing a unique role as a company in terms of all the privacy and personal data that they control. it there is no question that they are dealing more and more with legal overtures and regulatory challenges that will challenge extensive government action. >> facebook has spent over a half-million, lobbying, almost as much as it has spent in the past two years combined. >> speaking of politics here is what is into the newsroom. president obama holding a hispanic round table at the white house. the president taking questions submitted by voters on line. the questions range from issues like the economy, job creation, education and fixing emigration. this
9:20 am
roundtable is streaming live on the white house web site. >> a girl is dead after being hit by a car in a crosswalk in east palo alto. yoli eceves is live with details. >> a double tragedy in east palo alto. a fatal motorcycle accident and now a seven year-old little girl. a lot of neighbors feel that there was a closure on they had university, that is where the first intersection was closed off. traffic was rerouted and was rerouted a block away. this happened
9:21 am
during the morning. there was a lot of traffic in the intersection. the body is still on the scene. we're waiting on the corner. bey and gloria will be closed for at least several hours. >> we will be back in just a couple of minutes. hop
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> a parade in thailand has angered jewish human rights groups in the united states. these pictures were taken at the sacred heart school and thailand. students were
9:25 am
wearing it not uniforms. jewish human rights groups in the united states are denouncing this and want to take action against those who promoted and organized the event. the schools web site posted a letter apologizing for that parade. new this morning, more than 1.7 million troy, workshop and tool sets from little tykes are being recalled because of trucking concerns. the tool sets have these oversized plastic toy nails the and they could pose a choking hazard to young children. the recall is an expansion of a recall in 2009 that involved the same toy nails. this involves an additional 11 models. sold by retailers nationwide from 1999-2004. >> we are following a cantaloupe listeria of brick. 15 people have died possibly from listeria. the
9:26 am
centers for disease control say 72 illnesses and 13 confirmed deaths are likely linked to the tainted free. they are investigating three other deaths. the cantaloupes have chins and farms on them. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look outside over san francisco as temperatures start to warm up on this spare the air day. a program in new, next saturday the blue angels in a fleetweek special saturday october 8th, a one hour special. tune in for the best views of the blue angels as they fly over the bay area. her
9:27 am
9:28 am
that not a shooting at a motorcycle club leaves a victim dead. police investigating a second sexual assault. a female student says she was attacked by two men that she
9:29 am
knew in a dorm room on sunday. a spare the air day in the bay area. we are expecting hot temperatures especially inland. more on your forecast coming up in a moment. >> let's get a look at the commute. >> we are still tracking a hot spot on the san mateo bridge. when it is still a 35 minute drive time across the span out of a word. that includes the back up coming over from 880. it is still dragging along even though the accident was cleared nearly an hour ago. it was out there for nearly an hour as well, at mid span. it is blocked the left-hand lane. the only good news is we're looking at some better alternates as of the dumbarton bridge backups are clearing. no longer backed up to the radio towers getting across the span of university avenue,
9:30 am
university avenue has been reopened after the bayfront expressway. the 880 approaches almost completely cleared out. and the heart of the toll plaza you can begin to see the back of. some big improvements. continuing our bridge check, we go to the golden gate for a look at your ride in from iran county. there are no problems or delays. it is still a very easy ride. to 80 to the west valley still has pockets of slowing, so does 85. neither of those are hot spots. neither is 101 northbound. a 28 minute drive time from 85 to the montague expressway. let's get a check on weather with liza.
9:31 am
>> look at this gorgeous shot for mt. tam. a lot of blue skies and sunshine. as we take you to the afternoon, a pretty similar did yesterday. warm and sunny but that changes as we head towards the weekend. we have some chances of grain for the weekend and into next week. current and actors are warming quite nicely. upper 60's for san francisco, finally out of the '50s in santa rosa. 71 for oakland and into redwood city. temperatures in the '70s through hayward, fremont and monday. 76 is a warm spot in antioch. by noon we will warm up quickly and see plenty of the '80s. afternoon highs will top out into the 80s and 90s. here is a look at your numbers. along the coast, upper 60's. we will warm to about
9:32 am
94 and fairfield. here is the 7 day around the bay. sunshine for the work week. we have a bit of a cooling trend for tomorrow, continuing to cool down as we break into the weekend. the weekend of looks unsettled. we could see a slight chance of rain through the weekend. the rain chances pick up monday and tuesday. >> let's go back to las angeles as testimony has resumed in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. on the stand is the attorney who drew up the contract between dr. conrad murray and of the pop star. let's listen to the questioning. >> there was a provision in the contract that identified certain equipment that i understood dr. murray had identified. i put that
9:33 am
information into the contract. >> what medical equipment? there is a provision that identifies equipment including a nine cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine. a cpr machine. i asked dr. murray why he needed a cpr. we had a conversation about that. did it seem unusual that a private physician was asking for a secure machine? >> why did you ask about the cpr machine that you requested in his contract? >> i wanted to ensure that michael jackson was healthy and did not have a heart condition. i was trying to find out why he would need a
9:34 am
secure machine. did you ask him that this a question? am i guess. >> what was his response? >> he said that when michael was performing he will be putting on an extraordinary performance. we talked about michael jackson and his amazing abilities. he told me that because of that, given his age and a strenuous performance that he would be putting on that he needed to be sure that if something went wrong he would have of the cpr machines to which i ask, what near be a machine available at the arena? am aware listening live to the trial for dr. conrad murray, that is a man accused in the death of michael jackson.
9:35 am
>> dr. conrad murray has pled not guilty to involuntary manslaughter and faces up to four years in prison if he is convicted. >> a developing story that we have been falling throughout the morning, a shooting in east oakland in son of a motorcycle club. jackie sissel is one of police headquarters with details. >> i am here at headquarters. new details are coming out about the shooting that left one man dead in an east oakland neighborhood. oakland police say there received a call around 9:45 p.m. to the 8800 block of international art. that is the home of the east bay dragons motorcycle club. they say a member of the motorcycle club was inside the clubhouse
9:36 am
watching television when an unknown suspect entered through an open door and started firing a gun. he was struck several times. the 40 year-old bell was inside. he was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead on the scene. police say that there were multiple people at the time of the shooting inside the clubhouse but by the time they got there, no one was there. obviously there are continuing to look for those who are involved in this case. right now they do not have any information or at least are not putting out any information to us. continue to watch your out the day, will pass along any new details. >> we will be back in a couple of minutes. do not go away. a live look outside at st. mary's college in moraga. this is a developing story, two different tax on women in the last two weeks. details of a couple of minutes.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> this morning and leaves are investigating a second grade that happened eight think mary's college in moraga. to get some more news faster go to one of our solar reporters, craig skalar is live at the campus. >> investigators say they do not have any are rests in this case. the one that happened on sunday when the city was sexually assaulted in her dorm room, this coming two weeks after the last case where a woman was sexually assaulted by an 18 year-old that has since been arrested. it is quite a shock to this small college. the students here tell me they will not let that shape them up. they're having a rally today to increase spirits. >> you are coming into a new situation and including the new people but there is responsibility. it is a great place to meet people.
9:41 am
it is really unfortunate that meeting new people could lead to this. >> in front of our library at 1:00 p.m., people are going to rally against these sort of actions. we are going to wear pink and try to support those sexually assaulted on our campus, in the community and around the world. that is at 1:00 p.m. in front of a library at st. mary's college. people are still trying to understand why this happened. i keep hearing about vulnerable responsibility. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. right now 70 in
9:42 am
hayward. already looking for mid '80s.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> here is what is just into the kron 4 news term. they have begun to the exterior inspections of that quake damaged washington monument. here is live pictures. the team of two women and two men have climbed always to the very top of the five under 50 ft. monument. they are out there right now and doing some deer double work that included them rappelling down to get a very close-up look at each stone. the monument got some chips and cracks after the earthquake. >> breaking news out of the east palo alto, a girl is
9:46 am
dead after being struck in and hit by a car in a crosswalk. yoli eceves is live with details. what happened? >> it is disheartening. the girl was on her way to school which is a block away from the intersection of glory at the end date. she was walking head of her mother. her mother and two younger sisters. she was walking ahead of them when she was struck by a car going down, southbound on the street. they did talk to the driver. the driver did stop. it was not a hit and
9:47 am
people in the neighborhood said that because traffic was rerouted to this area because of an earlier accident, that made traffic worse. the corner is not doing their investigation. they do not know when they will reopen. >> i am not clear. she is 7 years old? first grade? was she with students and other adults? how many people were in the crosswalk? i do not know how many people were in the crosswalk but from people who witnessed the accident, they said that she was walking ahead of her mother. her mother had her younger siblings with her. basically the mother witnessed the car hitting her daughter. she is in shock. the police officers
9:48 am
were talking to the mother and she was very silent and empty look on her face. the community is very upset. there is no stop sign on this crosswalk. there is just a sign that says to yield to pedestrians. there is no actual stop sign. the road that you see ahead of
9:49 am
you is bay. it is pretty busy as it is already. did you look at the traffic light, that is university. that is the intersection that was closed earlier from an earlier fatality. on to bay area traffic. >> the accident to which yoli was referring, the earlier curring crash was one of the reasons why the dumbarton bridge was a hot spot this morning. that complicated matters for the san mateo bridge. traffic
9:50 am
across the span has completely cleared out. this intersection has at least been reopened. no longer any delays. we have recovered pretty well from what had been a rough ride at the rich. the golden gate bridge has been a problem free all morning long. thankfully, marin was not a hot spot.
9:51 am
>> we're looking at a very similar to 80 yesterday. maybe a little bit warmer. in san francisco where in the '70s already. 91
9:52 am
expected in santa rosa. when light showers after the weekend. that chance increases as we break into next week. >> another legal order from casey anthony. a judge could decide whether or not to release controversial tapes of anthony wash was behind bars awaiting her murder trial. the videotapes show
9:53 am
the 25 year-old reacting to the news that her daughter cayley's remains were found in the woods less than 1 mi. from her grandparents' home in orlando. the judge ruled that the tapes could not be used as evidence during her murder trial saying they were highly inflammatory. she was on a rate of her daughter's murder but was found guilty of lying to police. >> 9:53 a.m.. coming up after the news a look inside a polygamist sect. >> war and just trial shocked the world. and what you were in part his bodyguard. did you know that he was taking child brides? >> now, the man who stood by him speaks out. >> their work an awful lot of young girls walking around visibly pregnant. >> that sounds pretty sensational. it is the offensive for 19 year-old to be pregnant in america? it is disingenuous to say that it is disingenuous for you to tell me that that is the 19 year-old girl. >> with worn just behind bars, a former spokesperson
9:54 am
says down with dr. phil, what did he know about the crimes that took place in this polygamist sect? >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look at the james lick as temperatures are warming up. them a cool down for the
9:55 am
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9:57 am
weekend. no. they showers on sunday. a chance of showers bay area wide for monday, tuesday and may be wednesday. get ready for dr. phil's next. we will see later. >> have a good day.
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